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Shirley Millard

May 15, 1886–December 2, 1968

Born Shirley Eastham, daughter of a socially prominent family in Portland, Oregon. Served as Red Cross nurse with French military hospital in 1918. Married Alfred Millard Jr. in 1919; they were divorced in 1931. Published memoir I Saw Them Die: Diary and Recollections of Shirley Millard (1936). Died in Los Angeles, California.

"It is still quiet here, but I have noticed a strange tension in the air and several things have happened that make me realize doctors are definitely human beings." Diary and Recollections, May 13–16, 1918, from I Saw Them Die (1936)

Image credit: Paul Thompson, Washington D.C. Motor Ambulance Corps, Feb. 1918. (National Archives and Records Administration)

Image credit: Lawrence Wilbur, American Red Cross serves humanity Join! Between 1914 and 1918. (Library of Congress)

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